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To: Community

From: Genasidal

Newgrounds Revival:

The Birth of GENeration II

Heya Newgrounds folks!

I'm planning on using Newgrounds more to see just how in depth I can be with the community...

It's gonna come in a few waves:

  1. First off, I'm proud to announce, to "kick off this revival," I'm gonna be remaking the song "Feeling" that can currently only be found ON Newgrounds as perhaps an exclusive release to Newgrounds. 
  2. Next is gonna be giving Newgrounds folks (if step 1 succeeds) some more insight into my life and a bit about me that hasn't been posted anywhere else publicly! As well as perhaps insight into the "major scope" I wanna take my career... Not only as a musician... But MUCH, MUCH more... Essentially, you'll be seeing the major plans and ideas I had for the next 5-10 years of my life (since I'm now 20, this lines up pretty well haha!)
  3. During the process of 2 (which will most likely be scheduled posts,) you'll be receieving more music from me + dependent on how interactive and successful this revival is, perhaps even exclusive content, OR, content released HERE (on Newgrounds) first! As such, you're gonna be seeing plenty of tracks from me and perhaps even collaborations with artists... Which brings me to:
  4. I wanna hopefully try reach out to NG veterans at some point! Interacting and collaborating; not just with music either - animation, games etc. It's worth me noting, I never considered even coming back to NG before to build a fanbase... But seen as this is my "starting-point" on the internet as a whole, as in, I was on here before I even knew what YouTube was; this website holds a special place in my heart and I'd love to build a fanbase on here.
  5. In the midst of 2, 3 and 4, I'm gonna be intergrating NG into my other socials (particularly platforms I can upload such as Soundcloud and YouTube.)

Common Questions that Might Arise: 

Q: What can I take from this?

A: Well, to put it simply, you guys are gonna have new music being posted here, a hightened activity on this platform and a high prospect if all goes well for exclusive content and collaborations with other popular NG veterans! 


Q: What's the catch?

A: There isn't one! Unless of course, you class following my page if you like my content a 'catch.'  On that note, it's also a good time to mention, releases are gonna mostly be paid now, although certain milestones being reached may result in free content being released to celebrate that feat; again, still concepting at the moment!


Q: When can we expect this 'revival?'​

A: Very soon. Like I said, the first wave will come in a remaster/revision/remake (the three 're's' lol,) of my classic track 'Feeling' only found here on Newgrounds. As for the progress on that? Well... I'm starting on that today. I'm also gonna post updates on how it's going if it gets to the point where it's long drawn out! 


Q: Are there any other key details we should probably know?

A: Nothing too important; I will say that my other socials and sharing platforms will continue to operate as usual (though I need to do some adjustments in some areas there too).

Thanks for reading everyone <3

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